Monday, March 5, 2018

Topic of Diesel Cars Finally on Public Forum

Last night, via public TV ARD (Channel One) here in Germany, they finally gave a public forum on the diesel crisis.  It was something that should have occurred five months ago, and you sit there and wonder why the delayed review?

Yep, 9:45 PM, the Anne Will Show.  Focus discusses part of show this morning.

About a quarter of the show fell into the blame-game.  Everyone on the panel wanted to share their assessment of blame. No one wanted to really go back thirty years and bring up the element of the German environmentalists convincing the EU that having this standard was a positive feature. 

Why wait so long?  This was the first public debate via public TV on the topic.  There should have been a debate back in the spring of 2017.  In some ways, they kept dodging the topic and refusing to give national attention to the topic of the diesel car crisis. 

If you wanted to watch the show again, there's a second showing at 8:15 PM tonight (Monday) on the Tagesschau 24 channel.

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