Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Short Moment on Migration

I sat last night watching a news piece from ZDF (German public TV, Channel Two).  The 'hype' they laid out in four minutes was the Earth-wide problem of migration and frustration.  They had some foundation that had done research and gave out a number of 60-odd million people in some form of migration effort or planning for 2018.  In basic terms, they weren't happy and their resolve was bundled into the idea of moving elsewhere.

So this led me to ponder this phenomenon. 

The foundation didn't discuss the matter, but out of the 60-odd many were on some path where only Germany was the 'answer'? don't know.

My guess is that a minimum of ten-percent of this 60-odd million have Germany on their mind.  They've seen comments by countrymen who made the journey to Germany....then laid there at night thinking how wonderful it would be in a land where beer flowed like water, that trains actually ran on time, and everyone seemed to be slightly overweight from too much food.

How did this phenomenon start up?  I suspect when the internet started to arrive in the third-world, and people sat and watch video-clips of the wonderous lives that people led in strange places like Rome, Chicago, and London....the urge got into folks.  Then they discovered that borders really didn't exist.  Then they came to discover that you could walk 1,500 miles very easily.  Then finally magic moment when you figured out that no one was going to deny you that chance to enter your country of choice. 

In some ways, we've opened up the Pandora's Box.  There's not a single country in Europe that can handle more than half-of-one percent of their population coming through some doorway into their country, on a yearly basis.  Just to imagine how housing and job-efforts would work if you went to a one-percent level of open doorways for a full decade would be difficult. 

So I'm to suggest that the decade ahead will twist and turn European society (in particular the Germans), and create some reactionary political stance of 'no migration' or forbidden immigration. It's probably too late to build some proper doorway, or find a path that makes long-term sense. 

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