Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Short Poison Story

Back in 2016.....this 27-year old Tunisian guy came to Germany.  Migrant, asylum-seeker, immigrant....whatever.

He started his paperwork and shortly after married to a German who had converted over to Islam.  He was in a pretty sure position for staying in Germany.

But oddly, he had this curious nature about castor-seeds.  He bought some via an online distributor. The cops started to look over his background and found that he was talking about and was interested in going to Syria.  Then he went out and bought some chemicals that you would use to convert castor beans over to know....the stuff that you can kill thousands with.

At that point, the German authorities said enough, and got a judge to sign the search warrant.

All of this going on in Koln.

ARD covered this in the day, and it's a curious piece.  The German who converted and married him?  No one says much.  His intention or plan with the ricin poison?  No one says much there. But I think this worries the authorities a good bit.

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