Monday, June 18, 2018

Merkel Accepting Asylum Limitations

Afternoon news from ARD (Channel One, public TV in Germany) says that the Chancellor (Merkel) has accept for the most part....the 'master plan' of the Interior Minister (Seehofer, CSU).  The acceptance does state that he won't implement this until after the EU emergency meeting in Brussels (1st week of July). 


The plan basically says that if you already registered in another country of the EU for will be deported out of Germany, back to the country where you signed in.

The SPD folks?  They mostly say nothing.  I think they were begging for some way to avoid another election, and Merkel gave it to them.

What else happens?  Well, this emergency summit in Brussels in two weeks, to discuss the whole business of asylum and immigration.  She wants them to basically redraw the Dublin Agreement, and write up a basic fix-it-all package for the EU.

The odds that the EU will find this package?  You would have to find a method to force the 28 countries to just start accepting migrants, without arguments.  I'm not sure that will happen.

The end of the mess?  The collapse of the Merkel coalition was avoided....mostly because of the fear of a fresh new election. We will basically move onto the next emergency and wait until another collapse might occur.  Seehofer?  I'm guessing he's standing there and grinning because she had to give in.

So how many people would be affected by this?  Thats the odd thing....the news media doesn't say.  My humble guess is that it's a minimum of 100,000 people, who sit in Germany and fit the Dublin Agreement profile.....who signed in elsewhere.  The next question is....will some judge start to issue delays on Seehofer's demand to exit these folks?

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