Tuesday, June 12, 2018

More on the Local Murder

Focus, the German news magazine, had two brief updates on this Wiesbaden murder case (the victim being a 14-year old Mainz girl, and the accused being a 20-year old Iraqi).  I've essayed about six times on the overall story.

So this morning....it's revealed by the local prosecutor (Oliver Kuhn) that they are seeking to verify various bits of information on the Iraqi guy.  They now have figured out that he (and the entire family) used a different name upon arriving in Germany in 2015.  No one says why, which might be an indicator of troubles back in Iraq already.

So there's some thought that he's not 20 years old.  So the age business will be reviewed as well.

Then we come to this odd political slant on the story.  The Kurdish police had no problem in picking the guy up, or deporting him (he was not extradited).

The effort by the Ministry of the Interior to pick him up.....resisted by the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Justice (both oddly occupied by SPD Party members).

So the Police (actually chief of the German police) went in a jet to pick the guy up. 

It's hard to say if there's some type of political agenda tied into the handling of this, or if it's just plain old style politics. 

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