Sunday, June 3, 2018

Talking Migration and Unemployment

I follow the weekly 'hype' by the pro-asylum and pro-migration folks of the EU and how they want to force the EU member states to 'participate' for the greater good.

The general problem I have with the hype is that it fails to address the unemployment rate of various European states. 

This data here is from mid-2017, from the Eurostat folks, which I consider to be reliable.

So you gaze at the two colors that matter (dark blue and light blue).  These are states which have 5.7-percent unemployment or less.  The bluer.....the better.  Naturally, you see a lot of blue over Germany, Norway, most of Denmark, the UK, Poland and Czech. 

The nations with serious issues (greater than 15-percent)?  Spain, southern Italy, and Greece.

It serves no nation to go and sign in 10,000 immigrants (half of which probably have no skill or craft levels to discuss), if the unemployment rate is above six-percent.  There are various regions of France where it's absolutely silly to suggest more migration ought to occur.  The same can be said for most of Ireland.

Yet, you see the EU continually at work....trying to force everyone to participate when it makes no sense.  It's like the members of the EU haven't been back to their homeland in years and observed unemployment up close and personal. 

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