Monday, June 4, 2018

An Essay on Populism

Intellectuals and journalists will often hype the terrible political slant of 'populist' when they want to point at individuals like President Trump.  It's a curious play on chatter.

The definition of populist is pretty simple.  It's when you subscribe and promote the idea of supporting the common man....the little guy.  In doing so, as the intellectuals and journalists feel that you are paying off those individuals for your special interests.

So this would make you ask....what exactly is the opposite of a 'populist'?  Oh....yeah....the intellectuals typically forget this argument.

The opposite is that you'd go and subscribe/promote the idea of supporting the elite and titled folks.  You know....when you go and offer to build up a concert hall for 150 million Euro, and you end up spending 890 million Euro.  Or you go and talk about a 1.5-billion Euro airport, then go eight years beyond the completion date, and need four billion more Euro to finish up the job.

Here's the thing....virtually every single political party in Europe (US as well) is promising things for the common man or little guy.  They are promising KITA funding (kindergarten support), more free stuff, and cheaper railway tickets. 

It's just that they keep pretending that they never would insult the stupid common man and promote something to get him agreeable....yet every single election, there's that free-stuff deal sitting out there.

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