Sunday, June 17, 2018

Merkel and the Greens

Today started up the rumor around German political circles that the Greens are reviewing options if Seehofer and CSU pulls out of the Merkel coalition. The suggestion (not to be taken that serious) is that they might stand up and volunteer to be part of the Merkel-CDU and SPD coalition....bringing them to the plus-50-percent of the Bundestag.

There are several ways to observe this.

First, the CDU did try to build a coalition back in November and December.....with the Greens and FDP Party.  That failed....mostly because of the FDP folks (not the Greens).

Second, the CDU at the state level.....has a serious relationship with the Green Party in Hessen. 

Third, the chief problem I see is that you'd have to hand at least three cabinet positions over to the Greens.  The Interior Minister job? could go to them, but I would question public frustration over the approaching problem of handling immigration and asylum issues. 

Fourth, would the CSU point at the marginalized conservative core that the CDU represents?  Yes....that's a real possibility.  You might as well refer to them as the CDSU.....that they are mostly SPD instead of CDU.

Fifth, would the CDU first go to the FDP?  I'm fairly confident that this would be the first option. 

A sort of wild swing for the Merkel team?  Yes, and it just means they maneuver their way to the next big problem

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