Saturday, June 9, 2018

Drug Dealer Story

Focus (the German news magazine) brought this up today over the Iraqi accused in the murder of the Mainz teenager (I've essayed four or five pieces on this).

The twenty-year old guy was noted by locals for a flashy style of dress (expensive shoes, upscale clothing).  Course, being on public assistance....this would have been hard to afford.

So the journalists naturally asked more questions.  In the local area, he was a drug dealer (noted for moving marijuana and hashish). 

Did this background figure into the denial of the permanent visa?  It's hard to say.  None of that denial is public information and I doubt if the authorities really want to discuss that detail.

The fact that he was out there daily after filing the appeal to delay the family exit from Germany....selling drugs?  This will shape some public discontent.  They will eventually ask how the cops and authorities just allowed this to continue on. 

The question of where the cash came from for the airline tickets?  It's probably settled now. Who knows.....he might have walked out of Germany with twenty-thousand Euro in his pocket. 

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