Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Local Story

So I was going over local Wiesbaden news today, and there's this 12-line story.

If you remember back a month ago....I spoke to the murder episode of the Mainz teenage girl, and the 20-year old Iraqi migrant guy.  Cops followed the trail.....guy escaped to Iraq....Kurd cops release the guy to come back....charges pending.

In the days after the murder, cops didn't have much of a trail, and this guy took five members of his family (mom and day.....brothers) and escaped back through Iraq.

Well.....political folks in Wiesbaden say that they've heard (via Iraqi news) that the family intends to return to be near the son/brother.

The CDU head political guy in town?  He says this is totally unacceptable.  The family left, and the re-entry will not be allowed.  He even cited the fact that they said for two years.....they were under a threat in Iraq, and yet this is where they ran quickly into.

The other story is that the younger brother of the guy has said he is definitely coming back to Germany.  The statement kinda indicates he thinks the system won't prevent him from re-entry.

It's hard to say how this goes. 

My guess is that they might get into Turkey and find that the visa business prevents them from further travels.  Using the smuggler route?  It's entirely possible. 

The thing I noticed is that the two younger brothers were noted for the past year or two with issues in snatch-and-go crimes in Wiesbaden.  I think the cops would prefer that neither of them return. 

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