Tuesday, June 12, 2018

BamF in the News Again

In recent weeks, I've essayed a fair bit over this scandal at the Bremen BamF regional office (responsible for approving visa actions for Bremen).  It has been page one news for the most part and hyped up by the national news media.  I have pointed out....it seems to be a five-star scandal, but oddly enough.....no one seems to be arrested or charged (usually meaning that it's a fake scandal).

Well....N-TV (the commercial news network in Germany) picked up the story this morning, and told a curious slant to the episode (the scandal).

Some folks associated with the national public radio and TV news crowd have been asking questions.  From what they gather....this audit story that started the whole mess, has holes in it. The audit laid out 1,371 asylum decisions that were revolving around the Bremen BamF office....but oddly enough, they were only responsible for 142 of them.  Roughly 10-percent.  Responsibility over the individual cases often went out to other regional offices.

Then they turn to this odd story....so far, only one single person accused of anything.  Yep, that's it.

There's even doubt about substanted charges and home searches were done on marginal facts.  The guy with the charges?  An Interpreter.  He'd actually been in some type of disciplinary action for illegally copying documents.....getting himself banned for a while.

So N-TV says.....the testimony of the witness in this case that drives everything.....probably isn't going to work well to charge the boss of the regional BamF office.

A scandal that goes nowhere?  Well....yeah.  Will the news media crowd even stand up at the end and admit this entire scandal that they wasted hours and hours briefing the public and getting the public stirred up about the BamF folks....was wrongly hyped?  And the effort by the opposition parties to really dig into this fake scandal?  Well....that's something you notice as well.

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