Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Evolution Story

In the fall of 2013, and as a full-time retiree....I had time on my hands to read and research.  So I sat down and read the entire Islamic Koran (in English).  The two 'other' documents which people always insist being part of the reading?  No, I skipped them.  I came to a number of observations and views, but one of them was the fact that Islam hadn't ever gone through a evolution (as the Catholic Church and most other religions had done). 

Today, the ARD (public TV in Germany, Channel One) brought up this Mosque which had opened a year ago in Berlin.  It's referred to as a 'liberal' Mosque.  I know.....usually suggesting that gets a laugh.

The Rushd Gothe Mosque has been open for a year, and has a woman as the Imam.  Yep, that usually gets you into trouble.

The interesting thing is that she has people showing up from the Muslim religion, and wanting to participate with it.  Gays accepted?  Well....yeah.  That usually wouldn't work either.

The full veiling business?  No....that isn't on their agenda and they consider it to be more of a control-device than a religious device.

Odds of this spreading?  You could suggest in twenty years that twenty Mosques of this type might exist around Germany and involve a lot more Muslim youth, with the older folks going to the old-fashioned type Mosques. 

It is this evolution that I was talking about or suggesting....but it's a long drawn out phase. 

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