Sunday, June 10, 2018

Brief Note on Wiesbaden Murder

Local public TV network (HR) covered the topic well this morning.  A couple of highlight points.

The 20-year old Iraqi guy accused of the murder of the 14-year old Mainz teenager.....has been delivered back into Frankfurt (from Iraq) as of late yesterday.  He was flown from Frankfurt Airport  to Wiesbaden on a police helicopter.  Court will open today (Sunday), which is highly unusual.

What the Kurdish cops say from their interrogation of the guy.....he and this 14-year old girl.....consumed 'pills' and alcohol, and a disagreement occurred.  She threatened to call the cops....he reacted by killing her.

Mainz cops early on in the search effort, made a comment that she had become a frequent trulent individual with the local school.  It's possible that you end up finding out that the last couple of months of her life....she was on some alcohol or drug spiral.

This whipping up political situations?  Well....HR reports several demonstrations in Mainz....some against the migrant scene....some trying to calm people down and just focus on respecting people.  It will have an affect on the Hessen fall state election. 

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