Wednesday, June 13, 2018

That Murder Case Turns into a Mess

So it comes out today that Iraq is complaining about the way that the Kurdish cops released the accused murderer of the Mainz teenage girl, without an extradition treaty in existence.  They say....he needs to be released and returned to Iraq.

What happens now?  At the beginning of this murder episode when the guy had left Germany and was known to be in Iraq....the German Foreign Minister and the Attorney General of Germany (both SPD Party members) said that this would be a very long episode because NO extradition treaty existed with Iraq. 

What happened?  The Interior Minister called up the Kurds and asked their assistance....within 12 hours, they had the guy.  Then they need to hustle in here and get him.  Then both the Attorney General and Foreign Minister stood up and said 'no' extradition way.

The German cops then went on their own (shockingly) and picked up the guy.

What happens now?  I think that Iraq will play hard-ball and say that it needs to be a long process, and that the Germans need to hand the accused over.  Both the Foreign Minister and the Attorney General will order his release.

At that point, a massive amount of negativity will come down upon the SPD Party (in the midst of an election period, leading to the fall of 2019 in Hessen and Bavaria).  This one single action could carve out a third of their votes (my humble guess).

But here's the odd factor.  Iraq could ask the mother if she wants to press charges, and I think she will.  Germany will forbid the cops from participating or providing DNA evidence, but they can't stop the three or four private citizens who are witnesses in some way.  The fact that the guy already made a confession with the Kurdish cops?  Well....yeah, that is a big problem for the guy to get around.

So here's the odd factor.....if this Iraqi court episode unfolds, they can assign the death penalty, and it probably won't take more than five days of court action to reach that.  So the SPD Party would help to achieve his death sentence if they hand him back over.

In some ways, this is an amazing turn of events and could be a major problem for the SPD Party to defend their campaign efforts in the fall.  It could be a massive loss for them. 

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