Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Linke Party Activity

Over the weekend, the German Linke Party (to the far left) had a big party meeting, and you could basically get two things out of this meeting.

First, this four-person leadership authority is screwing up the public appeal of the party because there is continual actions by the four against each other.  I can'g imagine any logical reason that you'd want to have a four-person leadership situation....but that's been the dynamic for a while now.

The Katja Kippling versus Sahra Wagenknecht fight?  It's almost comical to watch the two on some podium.  They are basically arguing who is further to the left than the other.

Second, the real discussion came up over migrants.  The Kippling squad, which I think makes up around fifty-percent of the Linke PRO-asylum (to the maximum extent possible).  Wagenknecht?  She's tried to suggest that a yearly limit should exist, and that there has to be a process involved.  The party actually sat and discussed this, but they couldn't come to any conclusion.

Wagenknecht walking out of the party and starting her own?  I would suggest there is a 99-percent possibility that this will occur by October. 

Will it hurt the Linke Party?  Here's the thing....they can mount a national campaign and probably get around 10-to-11 percent of the national vote.  If Wagenknecht could hype her program, and take around half of this group....maybe even 60-percent.....then the Linke Party would be in a problem area because they need to stay above 5-percent to be a national party.  The union guys sticking with the Linke?  Well, that's the bulk of this problem....a lot of people are talking over migration and how there has to be a program or process. 

You could end up with a fairly weak Linke Party and people start to evaluate the idea of going to the Green Party or going to Wagenknecht's new party. 

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