Monday, June 4, 2018

One Odd Detail of the Bremen Scandal

One minor detail has come out over this 'scandal' that is associated with BamF (the immigration agency for the German government).  This Bremen office, in the middle of this investigation, did something curious during this period of scandal.  They approved visas for approximately 80 Islamic extremists (the hardcore type).

The investigators took the list of 1,200 folks who it is believed to have received marginal review and were granted visas.  At least forty people of these folks were found on the secretive database that tracks extremists in foreign countries.  Another forty-six folks were found to be extremists through other means.

An explanation over this?  None so far.

I'm guessing the cops are pretty furious because BamF made things just a little bit more difficult.  For the CDU, it's hard to explain this in public.  Firing whoever signed off on this?  That's the amusing doesn't appear that anyone much will get fired.  Incompetence?  Well, that's mostly what you have to work with.....that and bribes under the table. 

What this does accomplish?  The next Bremen state election is spring of 2019.  It's possible that the AfD might allocate efforts and talk a good bit about the way that scandal occurred in Bremen, and hope to take votes away from both the SPD and CDU.  The sad thing is that if the BamF bureaucrats had simply done their regular normal work, there would be no scandal and no potential for more AfD gains. 

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