Monday, June 11, 2018

The SPD Report

The SPD Party here in Germany came out with a report today to explain to the leadership of the party how they came to lose the 2017 election. The chief blame?  Well....SPD likely voters simply didn't know what the Party was charged up about or enthusiastic about.  In a simple way, the party just didn't have much of an outline on the path ahead.

Here's the thing....they paid someone to examine the loss and the strategy of 2017, to tell them that they didn't have an outline or strategy.  Yeah, they paid money for this.  The thickness of the report?  100 pages....more or less.

What will they do now?  That's a fairly interesting question.  They have roughly two years before things heat up and they go toward another election.  Can they even develop a strategy?  Or should they go ahead and start planning on another company to come in and explain to them how they failed to have a 'path' ahead?

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