Sunday, June 3, 2018

Politics over the Weekend

For the public TV sector in Germany....June starts up the summer chit-chat political season.  That means every Sunday, there's going to be some 'thrilling' member of the political establishment interviewed.

Yesterday?  Andrea Nahles of the SPD, their new figurehead.

I watched about eight minutes of the interview, then flipped to another channel.  The key phrase that I did justice.

The SPD hopes in some way to catch onto the US trend and hype various battles with social justice in mind.....that voters will return to the party.  Right now....they are the lowest point of the past fifty-odd years....bouncing around 17-to-18 percent of the national polling.  Whatever they are selling, the public isn't buying.

In the fall, two state elections come up (Bavaria and Hessen).  There is a sort of urgency for the SPD to at least repeat what they got five years ago.  If they show a loss of 10-percent or more over the last election, I have my doubts that Nahles will be around in 2019. 

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