Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Hessen State Election Polling

I've talked about it a couple of times.....that the Hessen state election is about 100 days away now.  You might see some hype going on.  Some posters might appear shortly.  HR (our regional public TV network) had a brief discussion over the election polling. 

The numbers right now? presents a problem:

CDU: 31 percent
SPD: 25 percent
AfD: 11 percent
Linke Party: 8 percent
Greens: 13 percent
FDP: 8 percent

The CDU is currently partnering up with the Greens and would prefer to continue that situation....but the CDU is weakened enough that the numbers won't work for a coalition unless you have a third partner.

The odds of this?  In general......having a three-way coalition is like having a root-canal without any pain-killer.  It's just about impossible to arrange three parties into that type of situation.  The only optional third group might be the FDP Party.

The odds of the CDU going back to a relationship with the SPD?  I would say it's better than a 50-percent chance. 

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