Friday, June 8, 2018

More to the 'Susanne' Murder

I have to admit, it is a bit shocking that the public TV network and various news media sources have picked up this murder of the Mainz Jewish teenager by the Iraqi asylum gentleman and his Turkish associate.  Last night, HR (local regional Hessen public TV) ran a 15-minute 'special' and laid out timelines and at least twenty facts.  Back in 2015, they would have never mentioned the murder except for cops investigating it.  A total change in character over the past three years.

As for today?  Focus (the German news magazine) laid out more facts over the situation.  Two of the younger brothers of Ali (the Iraqi guy accused of murder) have been in and out of trouble in Wiesbaden.....refusing to attend school, involved in fights, and shoplifting.  They both apparently have been detained by the cops but because of the age situation....never arrested or put into some program.

As for the family reason for requesting asylum?  This continually goes back to commentary that they were threatened by Kurds, and possibly would have been killed by them.  Oddly enough.....this Turk who is the murder suspect partner in this episode?  Well....he's a Turk-Kurd.  He and this Ali-guy (the Iraqi) had some type of friendship, which doesn't make much sense unless they are kurds themselves.  Still....neither the cops or the government will say how the family failed in it's asylum request.

As for the exit papers that Ali and his family used to escape Germany and return to Iraq?  Well....this is being asked on a number of levels and so one can explain how the Iraqi embassy gave them the papers....why 'other' names are being used....and how they just walked through passport control with no issues.  To some degree, I wonder if the original names that they gave the Germans as they entered the country....were the correct names, and maybe they were fake names for this entire period.

As for the murder?  It's spoken by the cops that strangulation is the autopsy will be performed and results come in the weeks ahead.

The odds that the Iraqi government will arrest this guy?  No one says that an extradition request has been applied yet, and it might come after the autopsy.  My guess is that the family will go into hiding and this Ali-character (if that was his real name) will never be brought back for justice.

All of this....leads onto political consequences here in Hessen for the fall election.  Whether they like it or not....both the Greens and SPD Party will have to lean toward moving failed visa applicants to some controlled atmosphere and speedier review process. 

It is some epic story, which would make an interesting movie. 

One final note....the Mainz cops said in some message to the mother after the disappearance was reported....that Susanne hadn't been to school for the past two months (she was fourteen).  Where was she daily as she left the house?  The relationship?  Between Susanne and the younger brother of Ali?  A Jewish German girl, and an Iraqi Muslim?

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