Thursday, June 7, 2018

More on the Local Murder

I essayed a piece yesterday over a local murder (14-year-old German girl from Mainz).  Cops found the body, and went into detective mode.

Today, HR....our Hessen public tv network.....told part of the story.

There are two suspects tied into this is a failed asylum guy (20-year old Iraqi), and the other is a mid-30s Turkish guy. Together, they raped the Mainz girl and killed her on the night of 23 May.

How the cops stumbled across the body?  At some point, the Iraqi guy, in preparing to leave Germany in a hurry....apparently told some 13-year-old refugee kid where the location was and what became of the girl.  That kid....wisely, I should note, went straight to the cops.

The Turk in this case?  He's arrested by the cops.  The Iraqi guy? gets to an interesting point.  Way back in the fall of 2015....he arrived in Germany (coming out of Turkey and through Greece).  He was set up in Wiesbaden in the local refugee center in the spring of 2016.  The BamF folks go through his application and roughly 13 months after he arrived in Germany....they hand him and the family a failed/rejected notice (December 2016).

No one says why.  Maybe journalists will ask about this later, but the main point is that they rejected them.

So things get interesting.  They sue the BamF folks (legal rights and all) and because of that....the family has legal standing to stay.  So from December 2016 to May 2018....this guy is in this legal limbo.  They can't remove him....they can't do much of anything until a judge stands up and says that the paperwork application is correct.  Naturally, you would sit there and count the months.....eighteen, that he just lingered around.

But the guy simply continued down some trend that you just can't imagine.  HR reports that back four months ago...some eleven-year-old girl (neighbor) had reported some type of sexual assault by the guy.  The cops say (curiously enough) one came to them and reported it until May.  No one could establish enough that episode just lingered.

At some point later....he was arrested in Wiesbaden for threatening and robbing a guy, while holding a knife.  Normally, at least two decades ago....that would have been enough to hold you for a while in jail because it demonstrated you were a threat.  But this in case? one could show enough evidence for an arrest warrant.

What happened to this Iraqi guy?  Well....all of sudden from last Friday....he and the whole family (parents, five kid) on a plane with documents from the Iraqi Embassy....leaving out of Dusseldorf to Istanbul, then flying onto Erbil.

The fact that he was under investigation (the body had not turned up yet)?  Well....this is interesting too....they used 'other' names.

All of this leads to a bit of embarrassment for the cops, the local authorities, the judges handling the asylum cases, etc.   Down in Bavaria, there's been strong commentary by the public that once you fail the visa need to be brought to some central facility and be under some controlled method until you exit the country.  This being an election year in comes at an unfortunate time because it will influence the election in various ways.

Any political party not taking some more stringent position....will likely lose votes.  As stupid as the AfD Party has behaved in the past year.....they will still likely gain more votes because of the public distrust of the CDU and SPD.

Finding this guy in Iraq and bringing him to justice?  It might be some priority but I seriously doubt that he will be brought back.  This one single case....likely brings an entire different view of the fall Hessen election into play.

UPDATE: It was reported this afternoon....the Iraqi guy in some point last into a harsh situation with a Wiesbaden female cop, and spit on her (which would normally get you dragged into court, and into serious trouble for 'insulting' a cop.  Yet....nothing much appeared to happen.

UPDATE: The dead 14-year-old Mainz girl?  Jewish.  Yeah.  She did apparently know the 20-year old Iraqi guy in some personal way, and had been to their local village/town a number of times.  A bit odd, I will admit.

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