Sunday, June 10, 2018

Not Isolated?

BILD, the German national newspaper.....came out on Friday with a short piece which suggests that the accusations existing against the Bremen office of BamF (the migration agency for the German government) NOT an isolated instance.

This comments leads back to a BamF manager who simply commented that "Bremen is in every field office." The suggestion is...that bribes are probably a problem across the entire spectrum of the country for the visa process. 

Likelihood?  Well, you just don't know.  This fact or non-fact will be viewed by the public and cause people to question the legit nature of visa approvals.  You could have one single guy approving 1,000 applications in a year, and all of his approvals were factually done and legit.  You could have the guy next to him approving a thousand applications, and 10-percent were bribe-associations with no real review. 

The public stance? Frustrated.  They were led in 2013 and 2014 to think that the whole program was run in a professional way....then to discover now that this was a false story. 

My view?  I think the bulk of applications were done in the proper manner....maybe 99-percent.  But the problem is would you go and convince the public that everything is fixed or resolved?  Then you get into the failed visa process....where the court will extend an appeal period and try to get into the middle of this.....but taking a year, two years....maybe even three resolve a failed visa process.

A mess?  Yes.  And you just don't see the Merkel coalition able to resolve this.

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