Sunday, June 10, 2018

Asylum Update

There's supposed to be a big meeting this upcoming week with the German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and the Bundestag.

He is supposed to announce a new policy on asylum.  BILD said today (Sunday) that there are 63 items on the list (shocking amount).

There's a suggestion out there, which will be strongly opposed by various factions/political parties, where they suggest that anyone claiming asylum at the border of Germany and they are from a 'safe' country.....they would be refused.

A poll was taken in the past week (Emnid Institute) and it suggests that 54-percent of Germans favor this idea.

The problem?  By the German are supposed to allow the guy/gal a chance to fill out paperwork and have their application reviewed.  Course, they could say fine.....we will start the review process when you return to your country. 

Before 2013, it was the normal practice of Germany to mandate the paperwork start in your country of origin, at the local German embassy.  They'd confirm your ID, your background check, and then send the file off to BamF.

This safe-country idea?  The opposition parties will claim that it's necessary, but then when high numbers occur....they want other EU countries to pick up the slack....which isn't a very favorable thing right now. 

It ought to be a lively week, if there's 63 changes coming up on immigration and asylum. 

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