Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Talking Test Stuff

I am taking the German integration course, which comes after the language episode.  Basically, it's 100 man-hours of history, culture, law, and general knowledge (probably 20-percent has to do with the EU). 

So the topic came up today about the test at the end.  Thirty-three questions.  You only have to get 17 correct.

Yeah, that comes out to just over 51-percent (more or less).  Fairly low?  I just sat there and started to think about this.  They made a big deal about the passage rate back when I started this, and now I realize the implications over the low numbers required. 

Difficult?  It's mostly stuff that a 12-year-old German kid would know and with a week of review....he'd probably pass.

But there's this odd thing about this 'lecture'.....if you gave the test to a hundred Germans over the age of fifty....I have my doubts over a quarter of them passing it without some review. 

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