Saturday, June 9, 2018

My Observations over the 'Susanna' Murder

This week in the Wiesbaden-Mainz area....the murder info finally fell into public view, which involved a local 14-year-old Jewish German girl, and her supposed Iraqi 20-year-old guy with some 'history' and a decent escape (which didn't matter because the Kurdish cops found him).  So, my observations:

1.  Three years ago, the cops and authorities probably would have tried to keep this episode a low-details situation, and avoid public attention.  There is such negativity about this type of behavior now....that they don't risk it. Adding to the issue....if the national public news folks or the newspapers won't cover'll just get broadcast via social media with 50-percent facts and 50-percent rumor. 

2.  There are at least 50 different facts over the murder, the victim, the guy accused, his family, and their escape out of Germany.  Shocking amount of information, but with each and why comes up often (almost with every single fact laid out).

3.  The names on this quickly done passport to get them from Germany onto Turkey, and into Iraq?  They aren't the names they used while in Germany (for the past 3 years).  Did the Iraqi embassy just accept their story and make up the passport?  No one is really buying into that story.

4.  The Wiesbaden prosecutor stuck with this case?  I'm guessing he's not that happy or enthusiastic.  The Kurds caught the guy after the Interior Minister for Germany sent an appeal to apprehend the guy. The Kurds didn't waste time....finding the home and raiding it at 2 AM.  There is no extradition treaty between Iraq and Germany.  Personally, to write such a treaty for 99-percent of crimes and'd take less than a week, and folks could sign it.  With Germans involved, and with the potential charge of murder?  You could be talking about two years before such a treat would occur.  Remaining in custody there with the Kurds?  Yes, but with every single day.....the odds are that some prisoner or the guards themselves....might harm the guy or he'll be found simply dead one morning. And even if the Germans do get him back.....the max term?  Twenty years. 

5.  The two younger brothers of the Iraqi guy?  Well....two different news groups have hinted that they were detained on various occasions by the cops for shop-lifting.  No one will say it was a full-time occupation but they seemed to be noticed a good bit.  Toss in truancy as well, and you can suggest that they had trouble adjusting to Germany and the lifestyle.

6.  The pro-asylum folks?'s not good news and it harms their cause.  A lot of folks are pepped up about the cases lined up in court challenging the failed-visa deal.  In simple terms....once you file the goes onto a list and you can figure a minimum of twelve months waiting.....maybe on up to three years.  There just aren't enough judges to handle this type of situation, and it's rather new territory for them.  The public suggestion is that once you fail the can still appeal, but they intend to pick you (your family) up, and hold in some type of detention center until the day you win the appeal or you lose the appeal, then you get on the plane to leave.  This murder only pushes that agenda along a bit more.

7.  Affect on the Hessen and Bavaria fall state elections?  Well....the AfD probably talk about this a good bit, and the SPD/Greens/Linke Party will have to take some kind of position on holding people. My humble guess is that the AfD probably picks up six to eight points in both elections with the murder event in the background.

8.  The cops?  You can read through the timelines and different crimes that this guy got into, and just wonder.....why wasn't he just held in some local Wiesbaden jail?  There's no logical answer.  The shove and insult made on the female cop back in March?  Back in the would have been quickly detained and facing at least a month or two in local jails.  A fair number of American GI's discovered that insulting German cops was the last thing that you wanted to accomplish in your life. 

9.  Chief suspect just walking away?  Yeah, that part of the story really rubs Germans the wrong way. The cops did ask some questions, but in that phase with no body and no witnesses.....well, they can't hold you.  At the very least, they should have attached a ankle-monitor onto the guy and tracked him.  But no.....nothing much held that guy from running away.

10.  The cash that the family used to buy the one-way tickets?  My humble estimate is that it would have been around 4,000 to 6,000 Euro.  No one says how the family came up with the cash.  The public have asked this over and over.  To be on public assistance and suddenly have that kind of cash?  It doesn't make much sense....even to me.  My guess is that 'junior' had some job on the side that paid cash, and he accumulated a fair amount. 

Whats really left at this point?  Transferring the 20-year old Iraqi from Iraq to Germany.  I think the Kurds would accept a letter signed by Seehofer (Interior Minister) and a private plane to pick the guy up.  Beyond treaty is likely necessary.  The Germans?  They won't like that because there has to be rules and forty pages of some treaty existing.  I think Seehofer might shock Germans by writing such a letter to request the guy and flying a German government plane down to pick the guy up.  But then you'd have to hear an entire hour of public debate that the rights of the Iraqi were not observed on some public TV chat forum. 

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