Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Along the Austrian Border

If you drive from Italy north....you typically get on A22 (the major EU autobahn) which would take you through the Brenner Pass and into Austria....heading toward Germany.  If you look ten miles in either direction (east or west).....the Brenner Pass is the ONLY point to cross over, unless you care to hike up some rough mountains.

It came up in the news today......the Austrians are a bit fearful over immigrants and refugees heading up and using A22 to cross the border.  So, they've put around 750 Army folks there to assist the cops and to kinda inspect vehicles.

No one says a lot about this except it wasn't really expected and it'll likely draw some EU criticism.

One might look at the map and draw some conclusion that Switzerland might react next and put up more border patrol folks along their side of the Italian border.

A lot of folks coming up?  You see.....no one really says that.  They are noticing folks heading across the Med and being 'rescued'.  Once they take them into Italy?  By EU rules, they are supposed to stay in the camps until they've been assigned to some country.  One might speculate that some folks are drawing up maps and plans to head north.....toward Germany.

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