Monday, July 31, 2017

Germany Monday News

Hamburg stabber labeled with mental issues.  ARD article.  It has come out over the weekend....over this stabber in Hamburg....that months ago, the local cops/authorities felt that the guy should have a mental exam.  He was showing signs of problems  Back in the fall of 2016, the immigration folks in Hamburg wanted to have a chat with the guy....which had to be carried out (oddly enough) in English and Swedish.  He'd spent a fair amount of time in Sweden, and had actually learned that language, before leaving for Hamburg.  While one can agree that he might be mentally one in Germany is willing to go and sign papers to institutionalize folks.  If you did start this many of the migrants and immigrants of the past four years would need an evaluation and be removed from society for a mental hospital?  A dozen?  A hundred?

Fear in Hamburg. NDR article.  Journalists have gone into the refugee center that this Hamburg stabber was staying in, and some in the facility are noting fear now.  One of the folks says that the stabber was routinely ("ten times a day") smoking marijuana.  One might ask how he could afford that much marijuana, but I doubt if journalists will ever get that far.  It's not just the Germans who have a fear....even these immigrants look around and they aren't that sure over their immigrant neighbors or their emotional state.

Lake Constance disco shooting: SWR article.  Cops filling in the rest of the story.  The shooter was a Kurd (from Iraq region)....came into Germany fifteen years ago.  He was also the brother-in-law of the owner of the disco.  He had a dispute of some type with the brother-in-law (no one says over what).  The gun used?  Journalists say M-16, but I'm guessing an AR-15. They also note that in the exchange of gunfire with the of the cops was shot in the head, but his newly delivered helmet (special type) saved him.  Oh, and cops will say that they've dealt with this guy before but won't say what his previous run-ins were about.

Diesel summit: ARD article.  Big meeting discussed with all political parties from Berlin-leadership.  Likely to be in next two or three weeks.  They have to find some way of halting the city-by-city diesel ban.  Won't be a thrill for the car companies involved.  I think the political folks would like a car company-solution to come up and the type that can be implemented in six months.

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