Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Anti-Burqa Law

Back in 2011, Belgium decided to draft a law that forbid facial coverings in public places....which is basically the anti-Burka law.  Almost immediately, it was challenged.  Within Belgium, it's passed through all the court episodes and remains in place.  The challenge folks had one single opportunity to stop it....the EU Court of Human Rights.  Well....yesterday.....the court rendered it's verdict.  The law remains in effect.

The court said that even in a democracy.....some restrictions are necessary.

The blunt side of this is that you can readily find a large percentage of Muslim women who don't wear the facial covering.  My guess is that roughly 90-percent don't wear the facial covering.  From the Islam intellectual crowd....the comment will be that it's an interpretation situation.....someone is reading a text from the year 700 period and says it means this and the next guy reads it to mean something else.

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