Friday, July 28, 2017

Finally a Decent Idea

For almost four years, I've been waiting for one single intelligent idea on immigration, asylum, and migration to come up.  The Germans, for the most part.....the crowd who developed BMW cars, lectured that young Einstein kid to a degree, and sent the Von Braun guy to NASA....have been mostly dismal at new ideas or leading some effort to fix the migration problem.

So, in the European President Macron from France who threw a concept into the mix.

The France have this nifty idea.  They want to set up these centers (rented buildings) in Libya, and you just walk in and register yourself.  You present a passport....fill out a form, and get into a system.  This would lead to an entry into Europe.

At that point, no one speculated anything else.

Macron didn't say that this got you a free pass into Europe....a visa to Germany....or anything.

I sat thinking over the idea.  Let's say that you started with a dozen Eur-Vis shops....staffed by individuals with various languages.

You offer up coffee to anyone coming in, and they fill out the form.  If you made the 'cut' and were'd offer them a ferry ticket from Libya to France or Italy, and a visa-entry form for only one single country.  Right off the bat, you (if selected) could skip the $1000 or $2000 fee that smugglers charge.  Smugglers would suddenly find a door closed on operations.

But this would go one step further....this visa-entry form?   It'd say that you were going to Poland....whether you liked it or not, and that you'd likely have to stay a minimum of three years and gain citizenship through X-number of courses.  Failure?  You get sent back to your original country (which you happened to show the passport for at the Libya center when the paperwork started).

This also does another curious thing.  They let you know after examining your background that they found out about your criminal record and have no desire for you.  Even if you sneak into Europe....they'd check the record and find your former application.

Those who fail?  You'd go over the whole thing and be blunt.  You don't have a driver's license....nothing more than a basic French or German degree?  They'd tell you that you really need to sharpen up your resume.  Go back home....take some German classes, and get a certificate for some skill.  Improve your odds on the next application.

After six months...move the Eur-Vis shops into every country of Africa and the Mid-East.  Repeat the same process.

As for the EU folks?  Well....they'd have to start a quota system (as much as everyone hates that topic)....but you'd make this simple....only 100,000 people per year coming into Europe.  You can figure that France and Germany would take roughly 400,000 of these folks.

The best and brightest?  Well....that's the other part of this story.  If you stressing that it's a free smuggling life risk in the Med....then you'd force a bunch of people to put time into education and get some free exit out of Africa.  In fact, the EU could sponsor some university operations (nursing comes to mind) and jump-start the whole concept.

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