Thursday, July 20, 2017

Germany News, Thursday

Schulz warns of potential threat against Germans in Turkey:  Focus article.  Hard to tell if this was political talk or a real warning.....but SPD's Schulz warned of potential problems ahead with Germans vacationing in Turkey and perhaps being taken hostage.  Relationship between Germany and Turkey had been fairly good up until the coup of last year.  Threat talk might convince more Germans to avoid Turkey as a vacation hot-spot.

Acrylamide to be banned:  Focus article.  If you liked your fries crispy....then the restaurant probably used Acrylamide in the grease.  The EU is writing up the regulation to ban 2019.  Very unhealthy for you.  What happens now?  Well....some scientist will go into the lab and invent another substance, which we discover in five years to also be very unhealthy for you, and you get another EU regulation to ban it.

Election poll update: Focus article.  SPD's Schulz sitting at 22-percent.  Merkel and the CDU/CSU sitting at 40-percent.  Less than two months before the election.  Results done by RTL polling.  No one expect anything to change.  You'd almost swear that there is no election campaign underway.

Plane returns:  HR article.  Luftansa Airbus A320 took off from Frankfurt and was to land at Erbil, Iraq.  Temperature there was 45C.  The A320 is only allowed to land at 44C or less.  So the pilot had to make the decision to return.....yes, fly back to Germany.  Refueling was required, so they landed briefly in Turkey....took on fuel, and flew back to Frankfurt.  Passengers will get another chance today to make the trip.  A 12-hour trip to nowhere.....six hours there, and six hours back.

Knife fight:  HR article.  Rare that this occurs....but two guys here in my into a heated argument.  One drew a knife, and stabbed the other.  Alcohol involved in some way. The stabbed guy died at the scene.  While not a regular thing.....more and more reports of knife play in the general news.

Storm activity.  ARD article.  Massive storm front from yesterday.  Heavy rainfall and hail.  Koln took in serious damage from the storm.

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