Thursday, July 27, 2017

The EU versus Poland

This is a fairly interesting topic.

In 2015, an election was held in Poland and a fair shift occurred....the Law and Order Party (nifty name) took around 38-percent of the national vote.  Because of the five-percent or more vote required to enter the Parliament....with a dozen-odd parties taking less than the end, the Law and Order Party had 51-percent control of the Parliament.  No coalition necessary.  You could say that this 25 October 2015 election....had consequences.

So you move forward, and in just a few weeks....the new leadership wrote up a law to replace five of the judges on the Constitutional Court.  They hyped up a bunch of folks because now...there was this opportunity to rewrite some of the rules and laws.  The counter to the angry folks?  Some of the judges were hold-overs from the Communist era....which may or may not be true, depending on who you hear the story.

As things progressed and more changes occurred in 2016....the EU started to get involve and issue warnings.

The last episode came in the past week, with the EU now saying that they can deny vote-status to Poland because of Article 7 of the EU treaty.  Well, here's the funny thing about Article have to have every single nation in the EU vote and agree to deny Poland vote status.  Hungary has now said it won't vote in agreement.  Using the strong arm of the European Court system?  With what?  Poland can simply say that the EU has no place in ordering Poland to comply.

While several national leaders around the EU are hyping up the Poland problems and going negative against them.....all of this is drawing some critical review by the general public.  It's hard to say if the public is really buying into the anti-Poland slant.  And the real question....with the EU election set for 2019....could this bring frustration to the public and trigger a anti-EU vote sentiment (bringing in alt-right or right-wing players to the EU)?

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