Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday German News

Violence at G-20: Cops say this morning that they've got roughly 76 policemen who have been injured to some degree by the violence at the meeting in Hamburg.  The end?  No.  That's only getting through Thursday evening.  So the cops still have Friday, and very likely some final bit of action for Saturday.  The injury toll will likely go over 100 cops.

Cyprus talks continue:  Talks still go on with the unification idea for North and South Cyprus.  The big problem left on the table involves the troops which Turkey keeps on the north-side.  Turkey says that the troops must stay....even if they are united.  The odds of any final deal with this being approved?  I would give it near zero.  Why the troops are part of the deal?  No real explanation.

France to end new gas/diesel car sales:  The hyped up topic in France from yesterday was a date established (2040) for the end of new gas/diesel car sales. Ten years after the German date (2030).  It's front-page news in France.

EU Regulation on Airlines:  More regulations came out yesterday, with the EU hyping up it's protection of travelers.  What they don't that whatever they are progressing toward....will require the airlines to increase prices and cover these additional cost items.  One key change is that the airline ticket price has to separate out fees/taxes/etc and show the consumer what exactly they are paying for.

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