Friday, July 21, 2017

The Schornfeld 'Mini-Riot'

We are now five days past the Schornfeld fest (down in the Stuttgart region), and it's much hyped 'riot'.  N-TV article laid out the whole thing in a very precise fashion.

What the news media, cops and political folks talked about in abundance on Monday....has settled down.

The basic facts:  (1) the four-day fest had twice as many people arrested this year when compared to 2016 (total of 53 people arrested over the weekend for disturbances, violence, or assault of some variety).  (2) There were not a thousand rioters, but closer to one-hundred. (3) The big upsurge of violence started when a 16-year-old German hit a 19-year-old Syrian in the head with a bottle.  (4) A handful of folks (some immigrants) were arrested on sexual assault (mostly for patting some gal on the butt).  (5) One German was arrested for....resisting arrest (you get the impression he was seriously drunk). And (6) serious alcohol consumption is now believed to be the root of all the violence of the weekend.

In other words....a bunch of folks (Germans and immigrants) were drinking in significant quantity (like typical German fests)....and words got exchanged....insults got tossed around....a few acts of violence occur....and then all heck breaks loose.  That's how you get a hyped-up five-star riot....when it's really just a two-star drunken brawl.

Next year's Schornfeld fest?  I'm going to take a guess that serious rules on alcohol consumption will come down.  Maybe only sales of 1-percent beer....maybe no alcohol sold after 6PM.  You can bet that the German political folks are going to sit and think over this very carefully.

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