Thursday, July 20, 2017

German News, Friday

Hamburg G-20 'help' fund set-up:  NDR article.  The regional state government (with Berlin help) has set up a general fund of 40-million Euro to aid destruction issues from the G-20 Summit riot.  It has a little 'but' tied into it....if you had insurance (for your car or your store) have to use the insurance first.  My guess is the deductible can be claimed from the gov't fund.  Enough to cover damage?  My best guess is that 90-percent of the cars, almost 100-percent of the business operations damaged....were insured.  So a lot of this will be for people without full car insurance or to bicycle damage.  The speed in which this was done?  It's a shocker that they found the cash so quickly and have started to set up the program.  How much will be left in the end?  Hard to say.

German administrative court in overload:  Focus article.  Basically, there are 250,000 immigrant with petitions in front of the court system and challenging the failure of their visa application.  The German court system wasn't really created to handle this many cases, with all the details involved.  Delay tactics?  Yes.  Until the court can render on each person with a petition....they can't be forced to exit Germany.  Amount of time that we could be talking about?  No one says or suggests some conclusion.  One might take a guess that you could be looking at two to three years for some folks.  The odds that each BamF's decision is stamped final by the court system?  That's really a big question.  No one ever talks about the number of man-hours to sort through a visa guess is that there is at least forty man-hours on a routine application (with a person having an ID or passport).  Toss in a peer review process, and questions over authentic might have up to sixty man-hours per application.

Court says 'no' to dismissed soldiers: SWR article.  The German court system listened to the argument of the four dismissed soldiers on hazing-charges.  Then the court system said that the action of the German Army was legal....dismissing the case.  End point?  Some expected a long drawn out process, and the court quickly decided that it wouldn't go any further.

Sticker shock. HR article.  I've point this out several times over the past four years.....local folks wake up one day when some village chief has given them a 'tax-bill' for renovation on their streets or drainage line.  In this case, in the Lahn region....there was a street and pipe episode.  So bills are being sent out.  This one couple got a bill of 33,000 Euro.  Others got similar bills, depending on the property value.  For some, there is no real exit other than selling the property and hoping to get enough to cover their exit.

More Asylum seekers leaving Germany:  Focus Article.  In the past six months.....roughly 66,000 non-Germans left Germany in a voluntary way (not be forced onto a plane).  If you use the other numbers by the German government, roughly 226,000 individuals have left via voluntary ways or forced the same period of time.

Hyped up German chat on Turkey:  ARD article.  A lot of statements yesterday by the German government over Turkey.  In some ways, there were warnings to Germans about vacation travel being something to worry about....that you might be arrested for something very easily.  Real evidence behind the commentary?  As far as I German has been arrested while on vacation in Turkey.    From the article, you can pretty much assume that there is very little that Germany can do in getting some change out of the Turkish government.

Neo-Nazis at the G-20 Summit:  ARD article., there is zero evidence of neo-Nazis at the riot episode in Hamburg.  I admit, it does sound like a good rumor, but no police evidence or intelligence evidence has been presented to show Nazis were there in Hamburg for the Summit riot.

Greeks get cash.  ARD article.  Over the past six months, everyone was hyped up over another Greek economic fall in July.  Well....the ESM arrived and delivered 7.7 billion Euro in early July to help carry the Greeks through old debt, and the IMF came to add another 1.6 billion Euro, which was authorized in the past day or two to be delivered.  Some would say that it only carries the economically-crippled Greece to another staging line.  Some would suggest that Greece can recover...although it's a number of years involved in this massive change required.  In some ways....the EU has to keep this hope going because they really can't kick out a member.

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