Thursday, July 13, 2017

The 32 Story

It's one of those curious moments where one hand of the German government is not going to cooperate with another hand of the same government.  ARD reported this in the AM today.

In the midst of the G-20 Summit....there is an entry point for journalists to come into the big media center set up by the government, and to attend conferences to get their story. some point, for security reasons, the entry control point got a new listing, and 32 journalists who had prior permission to enter....were on the 'do-not-let-in' list.

Presently, various journalists' associations are asking questions and want to know why this occurred.  Oddly enough....the German Justice Minister (Maas, SPD) is asking this as well.

The guy in charge?  Interior Minister de Maizière (CDU), and he says no....there won't be an explanation given.

The listing of the 32 journalists?  That's curious because no one has put their names or respected news media organizations out in public sight.  They might all be Russian, or extreme left-wing....for all that one might guess.

Will the Justice Ministry hype this up and go for court action?  Maybe.  Little is being said on the next step.

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