Friday, July 7, 2017

G-20 Summit Story

Last night, I sat and watched a fair amount of coverage on the G-20 Summit in Hamburg....mostly by German public-TV (ARD, ZDF), and some by YouTube.

This is a tale of two summits.

The first is the intellectual side of the 20 summit players and the intellectual side.  It's a wishful meeting with a hyped up sense on culture and bringing the world closer.

The second is a violent and chaotic side with the anti-capitalists and destruction of public and private property.  It's also a wishful event....hoping to hype up revolution and anger.

Based on the video coverage from Thursday night, I'd take a guess that a minimum of fifty cars were burnt by the revolutionary crowd.  Dozens of cops were injured....some bad enough that they will be off-duty for at least a week or two.

German cops tend to have five groups that they have to confront in a violent manner: (1) the mafia or crime-family members, (2) the terror crowd, (3) soccer hooligans, (4) the right wing or neo-Nazi types, and (5) the anti-capitalists revolutionary thugs.  Each is treated different by the political crowd, as crazy as it might be seen.

I sat and watched an interview by an NBC journalist with one of the Hamburg revolutionary organizers.  This organizer gal wanted to hype their agenda.....getting G-20 members to move toward their concerns, which meant having a negative view of trade and commerce.....more pressure on climate change....and helping the working-class guy up.  Then of course, the organizer gal wanted to bring up President Trump, and that he needed to modify his stance and move toward their agenda.

While I watched this short interview, I had a split screen and was watching a two-minute piece which detailed the cars burning on the streets.  Toxic fumes.....bellowing up into the sky.  Lots of carbon and pollution pumped out by the revolutionary thugs in the interest of climate change and pure blue sky.  Yeah, it would make sense in a crazy world.....but this was not some fantasy place for revolution.  It was Hamburg.

The cops will have all of Friday night, and Saturday handle more destruction and car-burnings.

My perception is that the mass of Hamburg's population will determine that they should never sponsor another public event like this....ever.  No Olympics, no soccer championship, nothing.

For the next thirty-odd years....this will be remembered around Hamburg and the amount of destruction they had to put up with by the revolutionary crowd.  For the political folks, they have to be very careful and craft statements which aren't going to offend the public in an election year.

As much as the news media and intellectual crowd try to tell this wonderful positive's just not what the public sees in these images of destruction.

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