Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Traveling Migrant Story

I sat this morning and poured over Focus and their coverage of the Hamburg guy who stabbed a few folks in a grocery yesterday.

What the cops will that this was a migrant guy, who lived out of their local refugee center.  Original country?  It's a confusing piece.  The mayor has said Palestine.  The cops say he grew up in UAE....or his story is that at present.  No passport and no ID upon entry into the one might be skeptical of the life-story.

The odd thing is that he's noted in three other EU countries before he finally arrives in the Hamburg area.  He was identified in Norway, Sweden and Spain.  When you look over this means he traveled around through Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands, and Belgium.  In Spain, Sweden and Norway.....he was stopped and asked to file out asylum paperwork (as the Dublin Agreement mandates)....each time, he declined.

In some way, he was shopping around, or just traveling the migrant role.  I am reminded of the German word.....Tipplebruder....which means a hobo-drifter (the US version).

Presently?  He's being asked questions.  A sanity test will be applied at some point (my humble guess).

The refugee center?  Cops stormed it this search of something.  No one says much.  No one else arrested....just a search.

The odd thing about this whole story is that he's been in Germany for roughly 27 months.  One might ask.....what exactly has he been doing for the 27 months?  It might be an interesting tale....but I doubt you ever get to that story.

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