Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wrapping Up of Amri Case

In the past week, a Berlin special prosecutor has wrapped up most of his work on the terrorist from Christmas of 2016 (Anis Amri).

The guy is dead, and you would think this investigation would be to tie up a couple of ends.  But you have this one serious mystery left there.

The cop reports from mid-fall of 2016 indicate that Amri had been arrested.  Then there's some alterations to the reports which occur AFTER the death of Amri.

Why alter these reports?  Unknown.  The prosecutor has not been able to determine the cause for the alterations.

The chief change?  The drug charges.  Originally, there were several charges up on Amri.  The altered report?  Only one single charge.

Drugs in the mix?  Uppers, cocaine, and hash.

One can pour over this with a fair amount of speculation.  Maybe some insider cops with dealings with the drug empire in Germany.  Maybe some screw-up with evidence.  Maybe Amri had drugs planted on him and he was only guilty of carrying a fair amount of hash.

The odd thing about this?  No charges on altering of evidence.  The prosecutor is making no effort to go after the guy who changed the evidence and appears not to care.  The terrorist is dead, and no one should care about the rest of this report.  But you have to many cases a year occur like this....where evidence is touched in some way and the legal system just looks the other way.

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