Thursday, July 20, 2017

Left-wing Extremism Worry

The Berliner Morganpost....a usually reliable German newspaper.....put out a piece that had an interview with the top German intelligence chief.....Bern Palenda.  He basically says that Germany has underestimated the threat of left-wing extremism.....that they might actually be reaching a point of targeting and killing German citizens.

Palenda also says the G-20 riot sequence in Hamburg.....had roughly eight or more months of planning built into it.  A shocker?  To say that it had planning built into the four days of the Summit might surprise a majority of Germans.

What happens now?  More or less nothing, until after the September election.  A lot will depend on who makes up the new coalition government.  If it is the CDU/CSU and FDP.....I would imagine that some heavy changes will be implemented and you might see a few individuals picked up and charged....with the folks funding the left-wing extremism being sought.  If it's the CDU/CSU and SPD?  More or less nothing will change.

The threat of the left-wing?  It would be measured out on a priority list.  Most Germans believe that Jihad and Islmaic extremism is the bigger of worries right now.  This Reichsburger threat might be on the list but a lot of Germans don't buy into the numbers that the government talks about.  The neo-Nazi extremism?  It might be an issue.....but again....the general public isn't exactly demanding radical police enforcement.

Why make the statement to the Morganpost?  That might be another question I have....but I would imagine there is some political agenda being played out by the CDU.

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