Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Macron Being Radical

Back in March as I viewed France's election and looked over the Macron 'creation' just seemed odd to me that a lot of what was in his background....was Trump-like in character.

Today, French President Macron kinda surprised the French media and intellectual crowd by talking on the Africa issue, and suggesting a radical change from the normal solution (more aid).  He suggest 'less kids'.

Yeah.  He was fairly careful about how he said it....but you got the impression that birth-control (lots of it)....would be a better solution in the long-run because they simply don't have the resources needed in Africa.

The news media?  That was a shocker.  It's almost like something that Trump would say.

For decades, ever since the end of WW II.....aid to Africa has been this routine and regular chat-topic.  You'd come and revisit each it each and every year.  There are 1.2 billion people in Africa as a whole (2016 numbers).

I admit, it'd take two or three decades to really shift this around, pumping birth-control into the region and triggering an effect.  But if you could reach some stage where the average woman there was only producing two kids....they would likely reach a stage where aid would not be necessary (I agree that's fifty to seventy years down the road).

The odds of getting the intellectual crowd to agree to this?  This is the big question.

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