Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Linda Story

It is a page two story in Germany....but this Dresden teenage gal (16), who ran away and jointed ISIS in Iraq, and is now a prisoner of the Iraqi said to be in serious jeopardy (possibly getting the Iraqi death penalty).

What the Iraqis hint (various news services now covering this) is that gal (Linda) is a teen and typically, the Iraqis can find various ways of avoiding the death penalty, but they really don't want to mess with her or hold her.

So, you get the impression....the door is open for some German political figure to negotiate with Iraq about this episode.  The big issue is that the Germans themselves have a law on the books which suggests several years in prison as a minimum....if you run off and join some war effort (like in this case).

My prediction is that you see either Gabriel (the German Foreign Minister) or one of the big CDU folks just appear in Iraq, and in one hour....they have this teenage German gal on the plane and flying back into Berlin.

Some court case will be scripted up....she will admit guilt, and get 18 months in some controlled atmosphere, with schooling and education mandated as part of the deal.  Along the way, she can do an interview and confess that going off to fight for ISIS was just plain stupid....detailing how she got doped, and the public TV folks can get a five-star leg-up on the radical thugs who recruit for ISIS.

It ought to be this easy to do one simple smart thing, but somehow, I think some intellectual German bureaucrat will screw this up.

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