Sunday, July 23, 2017

German News, Sunday

Turkey tourism down: ARD article.  A blunt piece written over German tourism into Turkey because of the coup of last summer. As they point out....anyone walking the streets around these Turkish resorts would say that there's very few tourists compared to the better period (spring of 2016, before the coup).  5.6 million Germans visited Turkey in one is guessing much on 2017 but the trend is way down.  As for countries that took up the slack and replaced Turkey?  Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Croatia have noticed a serious pick-up in tourism in 2017.

Candidate Schulz warns of a new crisis: N-TV article.  From this weekend, SPD's Schulz has hyped up that a new refugee and immigration crisis is about to emerge with Italy and the 200,000 that they've 'rescued' from the Med.  If you had to go and pick out a topic to fan upon the German voting public which would NOT be taken in a friendly fashion, this is one of those topics.  His gimmick solution?  Force EU countries to take in the Italian crowd, but mention of halting the smuggling operations or rescue you'd have another 200,000 in a matter of six months to disperse as well...and force upon the EU members yet again.  He is correct in that a crisis is likely coming but looking over five or six EU members as being zero-enthusiastic about taking migrants is one problem.  Then telling a thousand migrants sitting in Italy that they will have to accept going to some country that wasn't on their acceptance list is another problem.  If this episode explodes in the final weeks before the hurts both the SPD and the CDU.

Macron polling down: N-TV article.  Well, yeah, it only took about 90 days for the public to start losing it's appeal with the Macron charm.  Forty-three percent of the French public is dissatisfied with Macron now.

Anis Amri troubles: N-TV article.  If you remember Anis....he's the young Tunisian guy who killed eleven Germans in Berlin around Christmas time.  The young terrorist thug....was killed days later in Italy by a couple of cops.  Well, it's come to pass that the city where he was shot by the cops.....Sesto San Giovanni....has been handed the bill by the city mortuary folks for holding the guy 'on ice' for an extended period (he's only been released to be sent back Tunisia in recent weeks). The bill? 2,160.18 Euro.....yeah, it's pretty precise.  The mayor doesn't want the bill on his back and he thinks the people of the city also are angry about this stupid bill.  He has sent the bill to Rome and wants the national government to pay this.  There is an Italian law which says......if NO ONE claims the body....the city where the death occurred.....must take the bill.  Oddly, no member of the family took possession of the body, and it appears that Italy just helped to ship the body back to Tunisia.  Pretty stupid episode but it demonstrates how troublesome terrorists can be....even when they are dead.

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