Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday German News

Odds of two motorcycles in an head-on accident:  I noted this today in regional Hessen news from motorcycle going one direction and one going the opposite guy crossed the line, and they hit head on.  One guy is dead.....the other still alive.  The odds?  Probably one in a million.  It is summer now and you tend to see motorcycle deaths almost daily now.

Drunk with a gun:  Odd story.....guy got on a train in Prague heading into Germany.  Drunk.  He pulls out some pistol and is waving it around.  Cops get called....federal German cops....and they storm the train.  The thing is.....the gun was a toy plastic model.  So, two passengers were taken off to the hospital from the excitement (probably hyperventilating).  Cops say that there could be some minor jail-time (3 months to 5 years), and as a minimum.....they will charge the cost of the police visit (probably going up to 10,000 Euro).  A fine?  Possibly up to another 10,000 Euro.  Pretty expensive episode for the drunk guy.

VW returns to Iran:  After being out of the country and regional business for 17 years....VW is finally returning to Iran.  It's not a production deal....just sales.  Odds of success?  Unknown.  Since oil money is coming around, Iranians will have more cash.

Transparency order by EU:  ARD reports that the EU is now hyping up regulations to force global companies to explain their tax situation.  What the EU wants is some 'we-admit-all' paperwork, which I doubt if any company will divulge this.  It would be different for a company in Germany or Italy.....where they admit all to the German or Italian tax folks.  The EU 'thinks' that they are losing 50 to 70 billion Euro in taxes per year.  Proof?  Only assumptions and estimates.

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