Saturday, July 29, 2017

More on the Hamburg Stabber

Focus did a fairly good round-up this afternoon.

This asylum guy had been in Germany for roughly 27 months.  Toward November of last year (2016), they failed his visa application (no comment by the government on the reason).  One might suspect that the lack of a passport or ID document was probably the driving issue to this.

So the cops filled in the rest of his history.  He'd been identified long ago as an Islamist.  He had an anti-social behavior.  They'd pick him up on at least one occasion (maybe more) on shoplifting.

Some indicators exist that he was a hefty-drinker (alcoholic is uttered by the news folks).

He seems to have dealt in drugs to some degree....probably using them as well.

Cops say.....maybe with conversations with the crowd at the immigration center that he wanted some exit out of Germany but didn't show any plan or indication of where to go next.  Typically, if you use the Dublin Agreement....apply for asylum or immigration in any EU country and can't go to the next EU country and try again.  One failure is for all 28 members.

As much as the guy didn't want to live in the Middle's apparent that restarting anywhere else just wasn't going to work.  Drugs, alcohol, no exit.....loser status.

Alive now....court action likely in five or six months.  A mental exam will occur.  I'm guessing they will say he's got various issues.  Time in prison?  One individual dead....others wounded.  I would guess that the best they can do is maybe twenty-five years of prison time.

The thing that will come out of this is some likely truth-commission discussing the idea of rounding up the failed visa-applicants and placing them all in two or three guarded compounds around Germany until they can be disposed of.  It's a harsh solution but the public will start asking more questions about safety.

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