Monday, July 10, 2017

German News: Tuesday

Grenfell Tower Fire and the EU:  Some folks sat down and analyzed how the matting material was approved and what drove the trend toward matting.  Oddly enough, it leads back to EU decisions in Brussels from 2002....where the priority was climate change and not fire protection.  No one at the EU will go off to jail, but it's kinda obvious that they were making regulations without thinking of the implications (one of those BREXIT topics, if you remember).

Hamburg cops working on cases:  There are a minimum of 51 active cases being worked from the G-20 Summit riots in Hamburg.  From the group, some allegations of dangerous bodily harm, resisting the cops, and property damage.  At least one individual (German) will have a charge of attempted murder (hefty sentence if convicted) and his case will involve the use of a laser device to blind the pilots of the police helicopter (I would suggest that he's fairly shocked at the charge).  But the interesting thing is the wide number of citizenship's involved: Germany, France , Italy , Spain , Russia , the Netherlands , Switzerland and Austria.  Focus article drills down into the subject and is worth reading.

German Chief Prosecutor asking for EU assistance:  As part of the Hamburg riot business....Maas is asking for quick help in identifying what he calls 'riot tourism'.  Basically, you have revolutionary types or individuals ready to start up physical conflict to accomplish an agenda, and traveling around the EU to accomplish that.  Short piece by ARD but worth a read.

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