Sunday, July 30, 2017

Germany Sunday News

German military death: Focus article.  Here in mid-July (19 July) a young solder on a Bundeswehr march....collapsed.  Ambulance came....went to the hospital....he dies ten days later in the local hospital.  Another report comes up....different army group on a march....three of their guys collapsed.  Those three appear to be ok after a day or two in the hospital unit.  German army investigating.  Temperature was moderate (27 degrees C).

Name change priority.  WDR article.  New government coalition up in NRW state (CDU-FDP).  So, they threw this unique idea up on a board to discuss.....improving the rules on name changes, for the benefit of new immigrants.  The government has analyzed things and found that some immigrants (no number attached) would like to change their name....upon complete Germanization.  They would feel better integrated....with a German-like name.  Note, it is already legal to have a name-change in Germany....I suspect this effort is done in a way that an entire family could walk in, and have the paperwork done in just a couple of weeks.  I's hard to imagine some family from Syria walking up, and asking to have their last name changed to Schmidt or to name their 2nd son to Fritz.  Another element of this is that it'd be across the even these Chinese people who immigrate into Germany could accomplish the same idea.

NRW leadership focused on diesel solutions.  WDR article.  The CDU's chief in NRW (Laschet) is calling upon the car companies to get active and progress toward bringing the cars affected (mostly all diesel-five category) to the diesel-six modification.  This would at least improve the particle issue.  He wants the car companies to pay for this (which they really don't want the cost upon them).  Zero leadership talk from Berlin on this topic, yet it's becoming topic number one in Germany.

Extent of political parties: WDR article.  For this election in four weeks.....NRW noted in the news that they'd approved 23 political parties for the election.  Five of them have potential to get significant votes.....the rest are marginal groups.

Election topic of limited number of immigrants: N-TV article.  CSU's Seehofer....from Bavaria....has commented that a maximum limit (yearly) of immigrants needs to be established....something that the CDU and Merkel have avoided.  The number that Seehofer generally talks about....200,000 a year.  Why bring this up now in the campaign?  There might be this odd scenario developing where AfD votes don't count, and you remove that 9-percent, with the 10-percent of votes for marginal parties.....the CDU/CSU partnership might actually come near 50-percent of the voting.  In this scenario.....Seehofer could lay down the ace that he'll only partner up if the 200,000 number is the agreed upon level.  Odds of this?  A month ago....I would have said zero.  Since this odd AfD episode has unfolded, I'd give this scenario a 25-percent chance of happening.

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