Friday, July 14, 2017

German News, Friday Morning

AfD taking legal stand:  Focus article.  It has been obvious on the public-TV chat forums (probably six per week on the two networks of ARD and ZDF) that they rarely allow AfD on the forums. So AfD's leadership is talking up this idea of a legal case and forcing public TV to allow them on.  This is one of the weaknesses of public chat forums....journalists tightly control the topics, and who will be the guests.  It's hard to imagine the court system wanting to get into this topic and how you'd order public TV to bring on guests.

Linke Party member is sorry:  Focus article.  A Linke Party member had made some accusations about the Hamburg police on the G-20 Summit episode.  Well....she came onto a public-chat program last night and noted that she said some harsh things and regretted them.  Right now, this anti-cop chatter is harming both the Greens and Linke Party.  Both will likely tone down their commentary.  I don't think it really changes much except they will say less.

German news coverage of the Trump-Macron talk:  ARD article.  It's been hyped by the public TV news crowd in Germany as a 'charm offensive'.  Behind all of this, it is possible that the Macron wants to be on the inside....using this in some way against the German position.  One might note that Macron is more of a business-man than he is a political figure....wearing the same threads as Trump.

Burger King workers get new contract:  ARD article. It's not across the whole spectrum, but those represented by BdS and NGG unions worked out their deal with Burger King....meaning the new standard for their people will be 9-Euro an hour (minimum).  Prices to escalate at Burger King? Nothing dynamic but you have to figure at least 5 to 10 cents on a whopper.  I should probably helps to bring automation one-step closer in the burger industry.

SPD candidate Schulz visits Schanzen-Quarter:  N-TV article.  Not something you would expect but the SPD's candidate for Chancellor showed up in Hamburg yesterday to talk with folks in the part of town affected by the G-20 riot.  It's safe to say that he wasn't that popular. Some criticism dumped on him and the SPD mayor.  It took a lot of guts to make the visit in my humble opinion.  Still some local anger about the riots and damage done.

Labor court decision:  N-TV article.  Normally, as a German cannot fire an employee for health reasons relating to absent-ism....or it is rather hard.  So this case came up.  Gal had differing health problems (some physical, some stress-related).....from 2011 to 2015, and missed 400 days of employment.  The boss said enough, and let her go.  Sued in court.  The court said that the boss was within his rights.   The key phrase is 'no expected relief in the future'.

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