Friday, July 21, 2017

An Immigration Comment

North Rhineland-Westphalia's Integration Minister (Joachim Stamp, FDP) came out today in a Focus-written piece talking about the lack of a immigration 'plan' for Germany.

He laid out two issues.  First, if something isn't done in Africa to stabilize the population shift and show some economic promise for the future....then a fair number of the African population will give up and head for the Med and try to get a ship across to Europe.  Second, as he emphasized in his short piece....there is no real immigration plan or law existing today in Germany.

When you sit and analyze the old 'understanding' of West Germany (before the wall went down)....there was a process where you had to submit paperwork to your local West German embassy in your country, and patiently wait several months for them to process it and approve or disapprove your application.  Within this process, you showed a valid ID or passport, and proved your ability to work or generate an income.

After the Wall came down....we moved onto what I would call immigration plan version 2.0. No one really worried much about immigration because it generally stayed at 250,000 per year....except in the Balkan War years.  Since 2013....the lack of a real plan or concept is noticeable.  The federal involvement is basically to take the application and process it....but beyond's all dumped down to the states and cities to render care and help to the individual, with money dished out later to compensate.  A clear program across all sixteen states? was never designed that way.  The ability to have one guy faking out two separate states with different ID's or names?  It's been proven to work....although on a small basis.

On the Africa talk....I think that Stamp is correct, but it's going to mean that Germany, along with the rest of the EU....will have to cough up tens of billions over a 25-year period (my estimate) and figure out a way to create markets in Africa for goods.  It also means bringing birth-control into the region, and altering the reproduction cycle.  And it means putting enormous pressure on war-lords and crisis-creation vehicles to stop their chief purpose in life.

The odds of some immigration change coming?  Maybe after the election, there can be some minor shift created.

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