Saturday, July 22, 2017

German Left-wing Radicals

There was an interesting piece with Focus this morning.  Someone had sat down (within the cops apparently) in Berlin and analyzed the heck out of left-wing extremist (like the Hamburg thugs) and had drawn a number of interesting prospectives.

In Berlin, most of the radical and violent left live in the Riga Strasse area of town (on the east side of town).

So, 92-percent of the Berlin left-wing crowd.....still live with mom and dad.  Eight percent live on their own.  Yeah, that's an amazing number.

Within this crowd....most are male (84-percent).

The majority (75-percent) are between 18 and 29 years old.

Most of them are single (estimated at 90-percent).

Roughly 60-percent of the Berlin left-wing crowd are either students  or jobless.  The analysis doesn't ask the question....why they were jobless.

I sat there in amazement....92-percent still live at home.  Mom makes them breakfast and likely cleans their room.  "Johan" not working?  Fine, dad will pass over some cash for his pizza this weekend.

Are mom and dad aware of 'Johan' and his friends activities?  When 'Johan' said he was going to be visiting some friends for the weekend in Hamburg.....did mom and dad put together the puzzle and figure out their son was a 'bad-boy' over that four-day period in Hamburg?

Trying to be some Marxist-revolutionary....while living in mom's apartment?  It's what you'd call a loser scenario.  Some kid without much in life....just acting out.  The part about 90-percent of them being single....gee, wonder why?  Course, 16-percent of this entire Berlin crowd are female.

What happens as 'Johan' gets up into his mid-30s and still unemployed?  My guess is that sooner or and dad kinda hint that you have to go.....and that means the evil situation has latched onto will have to work for a living and account for your actions.  This left-wing extremism game will come to a bitter end....the rent-money and food for tonight will rate as a higher priority.

Across Germany, it's this same story.  The template for the Berlin left-wing crowd is the same for the crowd in Koln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and so on.

No one suggests numbers across Germany for these 'kids' still living with mom and dad, but on some revolutionary-war episode to bring Marxism to the masses.  I hate to suggest it, but I think at 18....the kid needs to be sent either onto the German military or pushed out of the house.  This would change the numbers of left-wing radicals drastically.

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