Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Schorndorf Story

Over the weekend and into this week.....the cops, authorities, and news media are trying to get their hands around the Schorndorf 'riot'.

For those of you wondering about where Schorndorf is located....it's about an 30 minutes driving east of Stuttgart.  It's a town of 40,000.

Over the weekend, there was a fest in the town.  A number of folks showed up....some drank heavily....some fights occurred. Some sexual assaults were reported to the cops on Friday night.  Some immigrants (Syrian and Afghan were reported in one episode).  Then on Sunday evening....about a thousand teens showed up....drank heavily and fights erupted.  Cops will say a fair number of this group were immigrants, but no one is sure what 'fair number' equals.

What you tend to notice is that there are about four versions of the weekend.  One version hints of massive migrant violence.  One version hints of a few migrants/immigrants and a bunch of drunk teens.  One version hints of maybe a hundred people really being drunk and rowdy.  And version suggests that no one knows much of anything (the mayor has suggested that version).

The thing that got people and the cops peppy was the reports of knives in the assault action.

Then you come to the sexual assault business.....which gets most political folks pretty disturbed and talking about civilization and full-force-of-the-law.

The Koln riot and the Hamburg G-20 episode were pretty defined and people had generally one version of the story.  This Schorndorf episode is more difficult to figure out the true nature of the story.

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